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Van Friesland naar Mantiqueira

(Versão publicada na Holanda do livro Da Frísia à Mantiqueira)



This book is based on the life of Jan Kingma, a Dutchman from Friesland who chose to live and work in Brazil, the country he moved to in 1907, exactly 100 years ago. This publication is to honor this memorable fact. Kingma belongs to an old Frisian family that dates back to the 15th century and lived at Kingmastate between 1450 and 1700. The Kingma name comes from the old family name ‘toe Kingum’ or ‘of Kingema.’

From the 18th century, a branch of the family, the Makkum branch, produced many entrepreneurs. Sailors, ship-builders and ship-owners at first, later merchants, seed oil producers, pottery manufacturers, dairy producers and bankers. The Kingma family has always been (and still is) involved in politics at a local, provincial and national level.

Jan Kingma’s grandfather, Marten Kingma, is a relative of the Makkum branch. He and his wife Agneta Carolina Johanna Brüninghausen moved out of Friesland in 1862, and settled in Lemele, a small village in the province Overijssel. Here, members of the Kingma family cultured large areas of heather in the vicinity of the newly built village of Lemelerveld and started agriculture, brick making, livestock farming and the dairy industry. Today these Kingma’s are referred to as the Lemelerveld branch, the branch from which sprouts the Brazilian branch. Jan Kingma, who inherited his ancestors’ entrepreneur spirit, decided to emigrate to Brazil at a very young age, his goal being to work in the dairy industry.

Members of the Kingma family in the Netherlands are very proud of what their Brazilian relatives have accomplished in only 100 years. By the year 2007, Jan Kingma and Maria Luiza Azevedo Fortes have more than 150 descendants! The Vereniging Familie Kingma and the Kingma Stichting wish to thank Victor Kingma, grandson of Jan Kingma, for writing this very interesting book. As it sheds a light on immigration in Brazil in the early 20th century and sketches a historical picture of the region, we hope it may appeal to a larger audience.

Makkum, 2007

J. Herre Kingma, Chairman of the Vereniging Familie Kingma

Jan Marten Kingma, Chairman of the Kingma Stichting